Consultancy Opportunity: Media Campaign Effectiveness Assessment

I. Objective of the consultancy

FSDMoç is seeking to source an effectiveness assessment study on bank’s media campaign (Pillar 1: Marketing strategy and capacity building activities), with the following main objectives:

1) Assess the effectiveness of the PME+ program contents delivery through different media on the SME segment in Mozambique, based on:

a. Relevance of contents broadcasted for SME

b. Interest raised by the program amongst SME

c. Effectiveness of messages: clarity and simplicity of speech, allowing easy and full

understanding amongst SME audiences

d. Level of audience reached by the program

e. SME assessment of initiative relevance and added value

2) Identify bottlenecks to outreach and/or indicate success factors;

3) Recommend corrective measures to unleash PME+ Strategy’s full potential, if applicable.

Through this study, FSDMoç expects to verify to what extent the bank’s media campaign, consisting in Marketing and Capacity Building activities, constitutes an effective mechanism to raise awareness and willingness amongst SME of the need and relevance of adopting best practices to increase their competiveness and ability to get access to financial services, and to grant medium to long term sustainable new SME clients’ acquisition, and if it has fulfilled its objectives specifically in regard to the audience, feedback and follow up on the TV show and other different delivery channels including the bank’s website, newsletters, YouTube channel and Facebook, bank branches, and any other media including newspapers ads, social networks, SMS, whatsapp, etc.

II. Deliverables of the consultancy

The deliverables for this assignment are:

    • Kick-off meeting notes
    • Survey Protocol
    • Preliminary report
    • Final report – Purely technical document (for FSDMoç internal consumption only)
    •  Final report – Reader-friendly document including an executive summary (for public consumption, as per the terms of the NDA between FSDMoç and the bank);
    • Live presentation of the findings of the report – to FSDMoç/DFID;
    • Live presentation of the findings of the report – to the bank.

III. Level of Effort (LoE)

It is expected that this assignment take no more than 20 working days.

IV. Reporting

The consultant will report directly to FSDMoç’s Chief Operations Office, Moisés Inguane, with copy to

V. Selection Criteria

Technical capabilities 35%

Proposed methodology and approach 35%

Work plan 10%

Budget 20%

TOTAL 100%

VI. Submission Criteria

The Consultants are invited to submit technical and financial proposals by no longer than Friday 25th November 2016, at 17h 00min.

The proposals must include the following:

  • Description of technical capabilities relevant to undertake the assignment;
  • Detailed CV of the key consultants;
  • Proposed methodology and approach and indicative work plan with timeline to undertake
  • the assignment;
  • Financial proposal including proposed budget. The Costs should be broken down into
  • professional fees and expenses, which will incorporate travel and accommodation if necessary

The Proposals should be addressed to the following email address Any queries relating to the preparation of the proposal should be address to FSDMoç’s Technical Team through the same email address until 3 days prior to the closing date.

VII. Ownership/Control of Work Product/Publication

All materials produced or acquired during the appointment – written, graphic, film, digital audio/video or otherwise – shall remain the property of FSDMoç unless and to the extent such rights are explicitly relinquished (in whole or in part) by FSDMOÇ, in writing. FSDMoç furthermore retains the exclusive right to publish or disseminate in all languages reports arising from such materials. In the event of early termination of the appointment or non-renewal upon its expiration, the Consultant shall, if requested by FSDMoç, deliver copies of all materials and data developed with FSDMoç funds. Material developed by the Consultant under the TORs may not be used without written prior approval from FSDMoç Intervention Lead.

VIII. Authorship and Acknowledgement

FSDMoç staff will generally be listed as the authors of any publication or other communication that is produced as a result of the research conducted during the appointment. The Consultant contribution in conducting this research will be acknowledged in any such publication. If, in the reasonable view of the Intervention Lead, the Consultant contributes significantly to the conceptualization and drafting of any documents created, the Consultant’s staff will be listed as co-author, along with the relevant FSDMoç staff. All knowledge and information not already within the public domain which the Consultant may acquire from FSDMoç or its employees or by virtue of the assignment shall for all time and for all purposes be regarded by the Consultant as strictly confidential and held in confidence, and shall not be directly or indirectly disclosed by the Consultant to any person whatsoever excepting with FSDMoç written permission. All outputs of the work, materials produced in the course of the work, and all byproducts shall remain confidential unless FSDMoç authorizes public release.

IX. Required skills and qualifications

The service provider will be expected to have:

  • Knowledge and practical experience working in the Banking Sector, with focus on SME finance in Mozambique;
  • Strong understanding of design, delivery and assessment of Media Campaign, as well as assessment of either qualitative and quantitative;
  • Knowledge and practical experience undertaking research and analysis;
  • Excellent report writing skills;
  • Strong analytic skills; and
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English.